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Department of Grain Quality

The main activities of the department are:

  • Laboratory analysis of cereals, aimed at processing quality (protein, starch, fat, fiber, falling number, sedimentation test, etc.), the content of the components enhancing the nutritional value of cereals (e.g. beta-glucans) and content of undesirable, naturally occurring substances (e.g. mycotoxins, heavy metals)
  • Laboratory analysis of cereal derived products – food (e.g. flour, müsli, bakery) and feed
  • Analysis of oil crops
  • Analysis of soil and plant material
  • Research projects – the safety and quality aspects of cereals, the study of influencing factors during growing, harvest, storage and processing, optimization of the processes; research on soil organic matter and its influence on crop production
  • Development of new methods for the analysis of cereal quality
  • A special task of the department is long-term monitoring of cereal quality (processing parameters, the content of mycotoxins) harvested in the Czech Republic, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture

The department includes Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1463 (EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017).


Head of the department and accredited testing laboratory: RNDr. Ivana Polišenská, Ph.D.

Deputy head of the department and quality manager: Ing. Irena Sedláčková