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We offer services in the following areas:

  • Services of the accredited agricultural laboratory:
    • Analyses of quality of cereals and products made from them, quality assessment according to standards
    • Analyses of soils, feedstuffs and plant material 
  • Services of the molecular and biological laboratory
  • Advisory services in plant protection:
    • System of Monitoring, warning, recommendation conducted in cooperation with the Experimental Station Kluky, Ltd.
    • Giving basic courses for handling plant protection products according to Act No. 326/2004 Sb.
    • Diagnosis of diseases and pests, assessment of health state of stands
    • Designing complex strategies of protection against diseases and pests of the field crops
  • Specialized field experiments and tests
  • Testing pesticide efficacy (EPPO-GEP)
  • Testing varieties and new breeding lines
  • Lectures and consultations for agricultural practice