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The conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources is financially supported by The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic through The National Programme on Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources and Agrobiodiversity. A total of 16 partners cooperate under the framework of this Program.

The collections of spring barley, oat, and rye are stored in Zemědělský výzkumný ústav Kroměříž, s.r.o. (Agricultural Research Institute Kromeriz, Ltd.) Currently, it comprises 5896 accessions (3036 spring barley, 2172 oat, 688 rye) and new genetic resources are still being added. The collection contains valuable Czech landraces, obsolete and advanced cultivars not only from Europe but also of a worldwide origin, breeding lines and wild forms.

The genetic resources are evaluated from the perspective of their morphological, biological, and agronomic characters, and also according to resistance to most important pathogens. All acquired data are available to users through an information system GRIN Czech. Interested people can order seed samples of individual genetic resources directly through this information system.

Samples of the genetic resources are provided to users only for research, breeding, and training purposes under the Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA).

Contact person: Ing. Marta Zavřelová, Ph.D. (zavrelova@vukrom.cz)

Ordering samples: via system GRIN Czech