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The main field of our activities is an applied research and development in plant production, historically focused on cereals and currently also on other crops. We offer collaborative and contract research in the following areas:

Applied genetic and breeding research in cereals

  • The study, maintaining and managing the collection of  the cereal genetic resources (spring barley, oats, rye)
  • The study and development of new genetic resources 
  • Genetic methods for increasing the resistance to pathogens
  • Molecular and biological methods (creation of primers, MAS)
  • Research and breeding of special barley and wheat genotypes. Our  varieties: hulless barley AF LUCIUS and AF CESAR (with a higher content of beta-glucans), wheat with a higher content of anthocyanins and carotenoids AF JUMIKO (purple pericarp) and AF OXANA (blue aleurone)

Crop management practices

  • Development and testing of new diagnostic methods 
  • Innovations, development, and testing of crop management practices
  • Development of decision-making rules for critical points of crop management practices

Plant protection

  • Study of disease pathogens on crops  
  • Diagnostic methods for the occurrence and monitoring of harmful agents
  • Study of genetic resistance against fungal diseases of cereals
  • Monitoring of resistance of pathogenic organisms to pesticides
  • Designing complex systems of plant protection

Cereal quality

  • The safety and quality aspects concern raw material properties, production, harvest, storage, and processing
  • Processing quality parameters
  • Health safety (mycotoxins, heavy metals)
  • A special task is an annual assessment of the processing quality and of the content of mycotoxins in Czech cereals harvested for food purposes (bread wheat, malting barley), for the Ministry of Agriculture. The long-term monitoring of the cereal quality in the Czech Republic is carried out.