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Department of Plant protection and Agronomy

The Department of Plant Protection and Agronomy conducts research on methods and procedures for plant protection against diseases, pests, and weeds in the both field and permanent crops. The department is supported by laboratories specialized in molecular genetics, phytopathology, and pedology.

The department is an authorized workplace of the Ministry of Agriculture for verifying the biological effectiveness of plant protection products. It works in GEP (Good Experimental Practice) mode.

Specialists of the department develop and propose integrated protection against harmful agents, develops new procedures for controlling their occurrence and harmfulness, and verifies new crop management practices. They also provide advisory services for agricultural practice and organizes professional consultancy meetings with the professional public.

Main activities of the department:

  • Participating in research projects
  • Design of methods of integrated plant protection
  • Study of pathogens of field crops
  • Monitoring of selected diseases and pests of field crops
  • Study of genetic resistance against fungal diseases of cereals
  • Monitoring of resistance of pathogenic organisms to pesticides
  • Innovations, development, and testing of crop management practices (focused mainly for cereals, rape (canola) and sunflower)
  • Evaluating the reaction of varieties to different levels of inputs

Services offered:

  • Diagnostics of diseases and pests of the field crops
  • Testing pesticide efficacy (EPPO-GEP)
  • Evaluation of health conditions of stands
  • Design of complex strategies of plant protection against diseases and pests
  • Lectures and consultations

Head of the department: Dr. Ing. Ludvík Tvarůžek

Deputy head of department: Ing. Simona Růžková